Some Kid Burned Matt Duchene Immediately On Twitter

By Trapp


This kid just no remorse shoots down Duchene’s tweet the moment it was posted. It’s such a fuckin tremendous subtle burn especially to a professional athlete. I guarantee Duchene saw that one and kinda got a little butthurt about it. Granted, you’re an athlete and you’re gonna chirped and trash talked a lot but, that was the first comment. Duchene’s not gonna not pay attention to comment. 

The moment I saw 23in23’s reply to Duchene I bursted out laughing. My god. And yeah Duchene keep dreamin dude cuz I don’t see your team competin for the cup any time soon. Not if Duncan Keith is playing 700 minutes a post season, because it just doesn’t seem to wear him down. Yug can play, the yug can play. 

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