capitals Unveil Red Throwback Alternate, Still Don’t Use Caps.


By Doud

The primary color for the uniform is red and closely resembles the team’s jersey worn from 1974-75 through 1994-95.

The original Capitals wordmark is featured on the front of the jersey with six stars above it and five stars beneath the numbers on each sleeve. The Capitals will wear blue pants and red helmets with their third jerseys.

The new third jersey will replace the white third jersey the Capitals wore from 2011-12 to 2014-15.


It was an obvious switch from the fire white alt worn on the road to the even more fire red version so idiot DC fans can continue to “rock the red” but at what point will anyone in the DMV area realize that their team is called the CAPITALS and not one damn letter in their wordmark logo is capitalized?  You’re dumb.  Fix it. 


Good Chance The Earth Will Shake In The Next 24 Hours

by Trapp


We aren’t stupid. Ovechkin, his new girlfriend and Justin Bieber are gonna get so goddamn drunk tonight its legitimately gonna be unbelievable. Every single post this motherfucker has posted it’s been in his native tongue. He knows it too. The only time he speaks in English he literally makes a post to shove it in our face to say he’s gonna party with the Biebs. He even throws in a “.. Haha” in there too. Christ. Listen everyone probably will have Bieber fever at some point in their life. I haven’t had yet but I’m gonna tell you, the Great 8 will tonight. 
UPDATE: Ovechkin better watch out and make sure the Biebs doesn’t pull any moves on his girl. Leo DiCap strong armed the Biebs a month ago at party, prolly learned a thing or two from it.

If You’re Near Chicago You Probably Wanna Party With This Man

by Trapp


He made a guarantee at the parade when he approached the microphone that everyone should “watch out for me next week!” 

He’s just gettin started. He’s gonna kick things into 48th gear. My friend and his girlfriend actually live in Chicago so they should absolutely make the right decision and watch out for Pat. 

It Would Be Scary If These Two Fished Together For A Weekend

by Trapp


I wouldn’t take Datsyuk as an outdoorsy kinda guy. But it’s clear as day with his Duck Dynasty/Bass Master get-up that he’s got goin, I’m pretty fuckin wrong. Guy definitely does four wheeling through a couple pipelines when he’s got some spare time. Take a look at that fuckin fish he caught. I’m pretty impressed with that. Whatever water or vodka Datsyuk drinks he must’ve got it from Geno Malkin because 2 weeks ago Malkin caught this…

Literally move over Kevin Van Dam, Geno and Pasha will take it from here.

Crawford Promises He Wouldn’t Swear at Cup Parade, Swears at Cup Parade.

By Doud

Chicago Tribune: “I’m going to try to be a little more professional,” Crawford said. “I owe it to all the mothers in the crowd.”

However, moms still might want to be on guard. When told Sharp suggested getting him a muzzle, Crawford said: “That’s probably a pretty (expletive) good idea.”

Man of his word.

But really though, fuck the moms.  Cup champs do and say as they please.