Islander and Capitals face off in Mortal Kombat

By The Beacon

Safe to say we are viewing Mortal Kombat right now with this Islander/Capitals series. This has been one of the more exciting series in the playoffs thus far. There is a lot surrounding each game in this series outside of the rink that just adds more excitement to each shift of the game and that’s really something we need to see more of as fans. We have this being the last playoff run at Nassau Coliseum for the Islanders which built up this first round so much as it is. We have capitals fans in New York being heckeled incessantly by savage islander fans (which will happen to any fan at any playoff series so those clowns need to lighten up). And there are people stealing seats from Nassau.  I mean my god. One playoff run and everyone loses their minds.

Last nights game however really picked it up about 12 notches. Wilson lays a big hit on Visnovsky which I am pretty sure his grandfather felt. Wilson becomes public enemy number one afterwards since Reggie Dunlop put a bounty on his head. Orpik takes a skate to the face. 

And then after the Cap win someone was generous enough to provide Orpik some beer. See. Not all isles fans are bad.

Anyway, I am expecting the next game to get ugly. I want to see some more big hits. I want to see Matt Martin chirp the Caps all game. I want this to escalate like the Habs/Sens series should have escalated. Don’t let me down boys.

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