Winnipeg’s First Playoff series in 2 Decades


By The Beacon

Tonight, Winnipeg will host its first NHL playoff game in 19 years. They face off against the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in game 3, and I guarantee that building will be insane. Jets 2.0 are down in the series and this home game should help boost their performance. 

Thing is, the  Ducks are a strong team. There is only one way to beat them tonight, and that’s to pull a move from the Ducks own playbook. The Winnipeg Jets have to come out in their retro unis. It worked for the ducks in D2 The mighty ducks. It means it can definitely work against them too. Think about it. This could be the biggest event in the post season. The Jets coming out in their retro unis led by Teemu himself. 

This straight up needs to happen. Shove their game right back at them and shove it down Gordon Bombays throat.

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