Todd’s Gotta Get A New Boj

By Trapp

After never winning a Stanley Cup with the best team in league forever and missing the post season for the first time in God knows how long the inevitable happened: Woug Dilson will have a new coach behind the bench for the San Jose Sharks when next season starts.

It was deemed as a “mutual parting”. Whatever, he got fired pretty much. Todd lost the lockerroom. He didn’t like misplace it or anything, his players just kinda said fuck you after a while. Without naming names Thoe Jornton as well as Logan. Top yugs speakin out about their distaste for how shit’s goin.

Anyway Todd’s a really really good coach. He won Stan with Detroit and Cockbab as an assistant coach in 2008. Shortly after that feat he was hired as head coach in San Jose. He’s coached some of the best and premiere players in the league during his time in California. Multiple division titles, a lot of post season play and a plethora of playoff exits. Joking aside, Todd is goin to fill a vacant coaching position quickly and will have an immediate impact.

It all starts with a campaign. I strongly suggest they use the idea of this video and send it around the league to the teams in need of a coach.

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