Nash Must Be A Difference Maker vs Pittsburgh


By Doud

He’s got 2 points in 2 games but his goal in game 2 came in garbage time with 3 seconds left when the outcome was not in doubt.  Whether 5 on 5 or the power play (which in general needs to be a difference maker for once) the man they pay to score needs to take control and do so.  Rick is the most skilled New York skater and he needs to exert his will and break out of his bullshit Canadian quiet demeanor to make his presence known tonight and throughout the playoffs.  He must not allow a lack of finishing on his part to be a narrative much like it was last year.  Get the puck, use your speed and size to go through defenders and drive to the net to score like you can and should on every shift.   We saw Crosby come alive in game 2 and we better see the same for Nash tonight at Consol.  Be a leader, make a difference. 

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