The NHL and NBC Love Affair with Crosby and the Penguins

by The Beacon

Here we go. So firstly, Rangers did not deserve to win game 2. That was a piss poor effort. And when you get 6 Power Plays and you only convert on one of them? Yeah that’s awful. Rick Nash was invisible yet again until he decides to score with 5 seconds left. They didn’t deserve it. They didn’t earn it. They did not move their feet at all, a la Crosby’s second goal. A lot of gliding/coasting out on that ice. But thankfully its a 7 game series.

That being said, how is NBC and the NHL not getting negative feedback from viewers about their love affair with Crosby and the Penguins? The Pens penalties tonight were obvious. Quite frankly they deserved about 4 or 5 more. Sure you get the commentators saying, “Oh yeah, thats a penalty no question.” That was only for about 4 of their penalties. But as soon as something happens with Crosby, its all “OH THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PENALTY. CROSBY WENT DOWN HARD.”

Crosby is a pussy. He got bumped on a line change by Carl Hagelin….CARL HAGELIN. The guy is 5’11” 175 lbs. He isn’t going to hurt you when he bumps you going for a fucking line change that he was COASTING for. You want to be pissed at Hagelin. Be pissed at him for not skating hard for his line change. Crosby flops to the ice after getting nudged and makes it seem like he got another concussion. Jesus. I almost wish that gave Crosby another concussion just so I don’t have to deal with his whining in this series.

The Penguins were arguing every single call and then they get two soft calls their way. And they convert on both of them. That call on Hayes was abysmal, and the call on Hagelin when Chorney tripped over his own feet was pathetic. Granted, Girardi should have gotten a delay of game penalty after that so that one evens out. But you get Crosby and Kunitz complaining and then there is a soft call right after which they convert on. Its completely pathetic.

My main gripe though? Crosby goes down after that bump. For the rest of the game, they showed about 5 replays of his dive, continue to say that Hagelin should have received a penalty, bring up how he stayed down and went to the bench in pain. Stop giving him this attention. Have some balls and call him out for being a diver. I am watching Keith Jones at this moment talk about this hit on NBC Sports. They are showing a flashback to Crosby’s concussion and are now showing concern that this could be a problem for Cindy and the Pens. This is hockey fellas. This sport is not for the weak. I don’t want to hear about the best player in the game getting hurt all the time and seeing this team be the NHL’s favorite. Get me better coverage of this sport please.

In summation. Sidney Crosby is a little bitch. Go fist yourself Crosby.

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