Recap Day 2


by The Beacon

Another exciting set of games last night ending in a few great victories. One by none other than the BlueShirts, but also by the Detroit Datsyuks, the Minnesota Wild, and by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.

The original plan was to give a lengthy recap of last nights slew of games, but then I started reading and I just couldn’t capture the events and plays as well as their headlines could. These guys writing the headlines and captions for video’s on the NHL site are geniuses and if they are not making 6 figures per caption, they should go on strike.

These are the top 6 headlines and captions on the NHL webpage from this morning were:

1) Getz the last Laf
2) ‘Qvist of Fate
3) Use the Schwartz
4) Dumba Wumba
5) Brass Monkey
6) Corey Days

Well played NHL writers. Well played.

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