Russian’s Human Domino Celly

3:30 mark

By The Beacon

Russians, man. Historically, Russia has always been looked at as a nation full of stuck up, stoic, and miserable assholes. These guys used to be the baddest fuckers around. Look at Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Look at the Russian Team in Miracle. Hell even look at Anarchy 99 from XXX. These guys used to be feared! They showed no emotion. They didn’t laugh unless they were drunk from drinking 6 bottles of vodka. They were god damn evil machines. Yeah they were eventually defeated by Rocky, the 1980 USA team, and Vin Diesel, but shouldn’t that fuel them to want to kick ass again? To be feared again?

Apparently not. Bunch of little fucks celebrating a QUARTER FINAL WIN with a human domino effect. Fuck at least it wasn’t a human centipede celly. But I just can’t take this seriously. Russia is not what it used to be. Stalin must be rolling in his grave.

Get out of here with this shit Russia. We are Americans. We are the ones that are supposed to have fun and have goofy celebrations. Go back to being unemotional douchebags that everyone loves to hate. You’re doing your job wrong.

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