This Is The Best Person In Canada

by Doud

“if the hockey moms can’t handle me yelling and heckling at the rinks, then they should stick to crosswords and knitting.”

First things first: yo Concepcion Bay Jr. Renegades what kinda pussies are you? You really FOREFIETTED a game cuz some fat dude with a sweet gotee may have/most definitely would have hurt your feelings during a hockey game?  And any of you players plan on potentially playing major juniors and eventually the show?  God damn Canada grow a sack one time ever. 

Now onto the legend Cory Simms over KNOW this dudes made 8 year olds cry, and ya know what? He’s doing God’s work.  Pretty sure this is roughly the same region that Crosby’s from so obviously the less thin skinned, entitled cocksuckers in the future NHL the better.  If they never make it tothe national cuz they quit the game by the time they hit double digits in age then we’re just weeding out the population.  I 100000000% would pay money to walk into a rink and strictly watch Simms at work telling awful hockey moms that love their kids too much that he’ll rip their heads off.  No doubt it’s pure gold.  You just get the impression that this is his only vice and heckles kids for the high and I respect the man for being that weird.  Guarantee he lives in a condo and eats a lotta hot pockets. 

PS I’m absolutely gonna heckle Crosby and just say he played for the Concepcion Bay Renegades. 

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