Yea That’s Me in the Jimmy Gee’s North Commercial on MSG


 By Doud  You’re damn right that’s me. Honestly, who else would you want front and center in a bar promo?

MSG’s been running this the last couple months during Ranger/Devil/Islander games (it’s also on News 12 New Jersey) so you’ve no doubt seen my glorious self all up on your flat screen.  Friend of mine works there and also does video work so they had him shoot and produce the commercial so obviously he hit me up and put me front and center because I’m a champion. I’m sure the place has had a boom in business thanks to my likeness.  I wouldn’t know, haven’t been there since that day. But yea it’s great there and I love it. 

PS yea I’m drinkin a goddamn mojito in that screen shot. Dude bar tending there was talkin his mojito game up like it cures cancer or some shit so I told him to make me like 4 fo free. They’re ok. 

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