Was Nick Backstrom’s Grandma Behind His ‘Doping’ Charge?



By Doud


So if you recall leading up to the Winter Games Sweden’s Nicklas Backstrom had some familial detractors in the homeland.  Granny Back’ stating that lil Nicky would make a fool of himself and all that shit.  Well low and behold, who gets locked out of the Gold Medal game a mere 2 hours prior?  Sweden’s most irrationally hated grandson of course.  


Sweden got jobbed BIG TIME on this one.  Dude has allergies, takes Zyrtec D which apparently has pseudo-ephedrine as an active ingredient, which of course is a banned substance by only the IOC.  No other athletic governing body on this planet lists that as illegal yet 2 hours to perhaps the biggest game he’ll ever play in his career considering he is employed by the Washington Capitals, he gets yanked.  Dude has seasonal allergies.  The weather was spring like in Sochi so I’m sure he was sneezing his face off the whole trip.  “Sorry bro, you cant play for the gold medal today even though we’ve had your results for like 3 days and you told us going into the games you take Zyrtec.”  I’d bet anything his grandma put in a call to keep him out of his game just to be ruthless like that.


IOC, keepin it corrupt and shady since the beginnig of time.


No chance they would have beat Canada anyway.

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