Great Moments Are Born of Great Opportunity.



By Doud


As of 12 noon today, Friday February 21st 2014, your work day has concluded.  Its over.  You have one duty today and that is to represent your country and do your family proud by focusing all your will and attention to the nearest TV as it focuses on the crescendo of 4 years worth of build up.  Today We fight back.  We will not vanish without a FIGHT.  Today we hit them where it hurts.  Today we take what’s ours.  Today we shut them down BECAUSE WE CAN.  Our boys may be over in a foreign land fighting the good fight but that does not mean we are not there with them.  Get up, look your boss in the eye and dare him to look at you straight in the face and dictate what’s important today.  This is our country.  This is our game.  This is our time.  Should we win the day, it won’t be a miracle, no sir.  We are meant to be here, and we are built to play for gold.  We skate the ponds, we brave the pre-dawn ice times, we embrace the bitter chill and long for it to reach into our souls and pull out the best in us, just the same as our northern neighbors do.  A moment of perfection on the ice ignites the same feeling of freedom and eternal youthfulness in the land of the free as it does anywhere else on this planet.  Hockey is a club that holds its members tightly, the bond forged by shared hardship and mutual passion, by every trip to the pond where your feet hurt and your face is cold and you might get a stick in the ribs or a puck in the mouth, and you still can’t wait to get back out there because you are smitten with the sound of blades scraping against the ice and pucks clacking off sticks, and with the game’s speed and ever-changing geometry.  It has a way of becoming the center of your life even when you’re not on the ice. 


This is every bit our game.  Today is our time.  USA Hockey is do or die.

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