Petr Nedved Is On the Czech Olympic Team For Some Reason








By Doud

Yo Peter Nedved is legit one of my favorite players of all time but what the fuck?? Is he even still playing anywhere? I legit looked at the Czech roster 14 times when i saw it to make sure i was looking at the name Petr Nedved in the year 2014.  he becomes the first player ever to represent 2 different countries (1994 Canada 3 years after he defected from Czechoslovakia) in the Olympic games. There is no question I’m rootin’ for them with him on the roster and rockin’ one of my 2 Nedved # 10 jerseys from 1995 for that 3 week period next month.  Huge mistake not including Hlavac and Dvorak on the squad since apparently its 2001 in the CR.

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