Dodger Stadium Game Will Be Radest Game In NHL History


By Doud


There’s  goddamn volleyball court in left field.  What the hell else do I have to say about this.

Well, how bout this, from the NHL’s casting manager:

“We are looking for 40- 60 people to fill the following roles: Walkers/ Joggers; In-line Skaters; Skateboarders; Bikers (riding regular bikes – no tricks). They will bring their own bike to game day.”

“We are trying to create a Venice Beach atmosphere. Age minimum is 18 years old. There is no age maximum.”

“This is a volunteer position. You will be on the field during pre-game ceremonies, and both intermissions. During intermissions Kiss and Five For Fighting will be playing on the field. During the game you will be watching the game in a holding area where a meal and drinks will be served. You will not receive tickets to the game.”

You are OUTSIDE YOUR MIND if you don’t think I’m going to LA to be a volunteer jogger or biker for this event.  Gonna do it big too with a headband, long ass socks and inappropriately short shorts.  Also I’m a phenomenal women’s volleyball judge so yea I’ll just assume that position’s already mine.

As for the roller hockey rink on home plate, the NHL is flat out stupid if they don’t have a Pro Beach Hockey reunion tournament which I would pay obscene amounts of American currency to view.  Dawg Pac all day son



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