Brandon Dub Dub and the Columbus Rangers visit Rick Nash and the New York Blue Jackets Tonight

By Trapp

This will be the first game back at the Garden for Dubinsky and Anisimov against their old team, minus Gaborik. And this will be Rick Nash’s first crack at playing his former club where he was their franchise player as well as captain for many years. Nash was sidelined with a concussion when the Rangers played Columbus in Ohio. I for sure marked on my calendar that when Columbus rolls into town to play the ‘soft ass baby shit Rangers’ that Gaborik would most likely have a hattrick but in typical ‘Rik fashion, he’s hurt, again. So we won’t hear Joe Tolleson say this tonight:

“Columbus goal his third of the game and 21st of the season scored by number 10 Marian Gaborik. Assisted by number 17 Brandon Dubinsky and number 42 Artem Anisimov. Time of the goal 8:32. That’s Gaborik from Dubinsky and Anisimov at 8:32.”

Kinda miss this team and group of players alot…as do many Ranger fans


Martin Short Went to the Leafs/Kings Game

By Trapp

Jimminy Glick still shows his face in public after a slew of borderline awful cinematic features he’s been in. Cool, Clifford was at a hockey game. No one cares. Best part of this guy’s career was when he brought the martian chick into like Kennedy’s private room where he slayed mistresses in, and then alien chick bit off his finger.

You think Skeet Ulrich got a shout out for being at a hockey game? Nope because that guy was in Chill Factor.

Goldberg Sips Cris, Sonja Dimitrievska Drinks Piss…





By Doud Shaun Weiss, the actor who played Goldberg the Goalie in The Mighty Ducks film franchise, has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend, who has alleged that he tried to “pee” on her, as well as “punching her in the face.”

Sonja Dimitrievska has now sought a restraining order against the 35-year-old actor, claiming that she suffered years of physical and mental abuse throughout their two-year relationship. Legal documents have now been filed against Weiss by Dimitrievska.

TMZ have now got hold of these files, and they’ve divulged details on one specific incident that began when Weiss returned home drunk from work back in April. According to TMZ Weiss “threatened to kill her and pull her eyes out,” during the saga.

The publication then added, “Sonja says she left for a few hours to let him cool off, but claims Goldberg was in her bed holding a machete when she returned home – and proceeded to sock her in the face.

The gossip site continued, “Sonja says she ran away to hide in a nearby bedroom… but Goldberg broke the door down and tried peeing on her while saying ‘this is all you’re worth.’”

First off well done by Goldberg for landing an exotic dime such as Sonja.  But really lady what the hell are you doing with that thing?  If you had any self respect you’d go for the smooth talkin Guy Germaine or probably Adam Banks considering he was playin varsity as a freshman at Eden Hall while the rest of the Ducks were toiling in the JV ranks.  For Christ sake Goldberg lost his starting job in J friggen V to Julie ‘The Cat’ Gaffney.  you make decisions to be with a winner like that then you risk gettin pissed on and attacked with a machete 100 times out of 100.  Also There’s no way I can envision the scenario going down and the Chappelle Piss on You Remix NOT playing as a soundtrack to the whole situation.

P.S. threatening to pull someone’s eyes out is such a power/psycho move that I have to respect it.