Trapp Owes Me $32


By Doud

Me and my boy Rob got tickets for like $15 to sit upstairs at Wells Fargo and see the Oil show take on the Flyers in a matinee tilt down in Philly on Saturday because why the hell not. If the Rangers plan to steal Yakupov or take on Hemsky I figured I may as well see what they got and let Glen know what I think because of course he knows no I am and I’m important to those types of decisions.
The night prior, obviously me Rob and Trapp are at the bar and like 10 shots of fireball and/or Jameson later the kid decides he’s commin with so I scoop him up a seat on the hub. Cut to the next morning and Trapp’s on my couch, can’t function for shit and ends up puking all over himself. Clearly didn’t make it to Philly. Get your life together son.

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