Jose Canseco Is The Real Life Kenny Powers

By Trapp

I was lookin up the Casey Jones video from Ninja Turtles about the Jose Canseco bat and on the side panel of the youtube page was this video.

This guy is seriously the real life Kenny Powers. The entire premise of that original HBO series is Jose Canseco’s life.

He’s straight up promoting the use of steroids, which are illegal substances. I mean that’s not that smart at all. In Episode 15 “Going Broke and How to Deal with the Loss” Jose discusses his success and the amount of money he made and some of the silly decisions he made with his money. The dumbest was not signing a prenup which eventually lead to his first ex wife getting $6 million bones from him

There’s no doubt in my mind that Canseco has made an attempt to make one of these training/promo videos

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