Kevin Bieksa and Ray Finkle Both Can’t Kick

By Trapp

After Kreider and the Rangers ruined Tortorella’s return back to the Garden, in typical Kevin Bieksa douchebaggery fashion he starts some sort of bullshit like a player of his caliber would do at the end of the game. He and Boyle drop the mits…at least Bieksa did. Boyle kept one on? Most likely didn’t wanna square off after his fight with Chara in Boston yesterday. Chara literally picked him up from a scrum and had his way wit him. What can I say it’s beyond me. Two refs stepped in between Bieksa throwing Boyle around which had zero effect on Kev, he was then on a mission to take off Boyle’s helmet. Bieksa is successful and then surprises us by punting Boyle’s helmet like 5 feet.

Yo Kev, laces out bro.

Imagine Bieksa caught up with Boyle in the hallway after the game and did this…


Good Chance Stammer is Wolverine


By Doud

Guy shatters his ankle on the 12th, has surgery, and here we are on the 25th and Stammer’s straight up walkin around like nothing happened. That’s not how humans operate sans HGH, i know from experience dude. So how bout you just come clean bro and tell us that you’re an x-man. Not the drug dealer kind, the mutant kind. You 7000% chill with professor Xavier and have a crush on Jean Gray. You haven’t won Stanley but you were created by Stan Lee. Don’t bullshit me bro I know your ways.

Today in Things You Can’t Do: Unfurling a Giant Swastika At Center Ice


By Doud

The show, dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Latvian Republic, preceded Dinamo Riga’s 4-3 victory over Russian team Yugra Khanty-Mansiisk on Sunday. “We didn’t get any complaints from the security department. … Nevertheless, the league requested the event’s script to make sure there was no subtext there,” Kontintental Hockey League vice president Vladimir Shalaev told R-Sport on Thursday.
“I’m a Soviet man and my relatives fought and died in the Second World War, so of course any swastika-like image evokes only negative emotions,” [Russian team Yugra Khanty-Mansiisk director] Andrei Belmach told R-Sport. “But it’s beyond our competence to look into what this symbol really means. I can’t say for 100 percent what it means in Latvia.”

Ill tell you what it means bro: millions slaughtered at the whims of a dictator. Fact. Look it up. Doesn’t matter that it could have separate meaning for whatever given other nationalist group from wherever, fact is that Germans under this flag slapped yellow pieces of flair on every Jewish citizen they could find then shipped them off to perhaps the most horrific deaths unimaginable. Clean it up, KHL.

SIDE NOTE: in this picture I also see bacon, and now I’m hungry.

En Route to the Garden

By Trapp


Currently sitting on the train as I await the final 10 minutes of this journey to Stenn Pation thanks to the lovely NJ Transit. Beer League Beauts will be in attendance at Madison Square Garden as the Rangers welcome Rick Nash back to the line up to take on big bad Boston Bruins. I’d say it was another smart decision made by me in purchasing these tickets. Doud on the otherhand…

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