Mike Green Sucks

By Trapp


Mike Green was being compared to Larry Murphy the year he scored like 30 somethin goals, and then hasn’t done shit since. I mean he puts up pretty good numbers but he gets hurt all the time because he’s a bitch and he is a liability in his defensive zone and I flat out he think he sucks. People don’t see it, but, he’s soft, he doesn’t ever hit hard, he makes shitty plays in his defensive zone and he drives a fucking vespa in uggs to their practice facility where they pretty much just practice then jumping into the glass after shit goals announced by Joe Benanantyththiti. Also he’s wearing a headband in the photo above.


Bro get a fuckin motorcycle, a chopper, a harley whatever. Get the motorcycle ‘Grace’ that Zed aka Dorian Tyrell aka Peter Greene aka our friend Matt’s cousin drove in Pulp Fiction before he got his sack blown off by a shotgun.

Also here’s another reason why he sucks

You’re worthless, an Edmonton Oiler dodged a check from you. The Oilers are pretty much a minor league team. My god. Michael Del Zotto finishes better hits than that.

Watch this, Green scores 8 goals against the Rangers tonight.

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