Cut Me Down In My Prime

By Trapp


Anthony Stewart as Chubbs Peterson. He even made it look like he’s got a wooden hand. This is a spot on interpretation.



By Trapp


Brian Elliot of the St. Louis Blues. Not bad man not bad. Because you know his last name is Elliot…

Best part of this movie is when the older brother comes home from football practice and he’s lookin through the fridge and he goes “Nothin but health shit!” which I say every time I’m browsin through my fridge.

Symeon Varlamov Turns Himself in on Domestic Violence Charges, Looks Like Mad Max



By Doud

Varlamov turned himself in to police around 6 p.m. and is being held without bond on second-degree kidnapping and third-degree assault charges, police said. The kidnapping charge is a Class 4 felony, punishable by to two to six years in prison, according Colorado statutes. Class 4 felony kidnapping is defined by taking someone and moving them to another place without their consent.
The assault charge is a misdemeanor.

Top 5 mug shots of all time easily.

Varly’s been under the tutelage of new Avalanche head coach Patty Roy all season and has enjoyed the fruits of his labor sporting a solid 7-1 record and is near the top of the leader boards in save percentage and goals against but apparently he missed the part in Roy’s teachings where you’re supposed to take your boiling rage out on your opponents (or perhaps a bench dividing pane of glass) and not your spouse. That’s a page from the Dennis Potvin handbook on life conduct, and as I’ve learned from a lifetime spent at MSG, the aforementioned Islander blue liner in fact, sucks.

So Varly’s clearly gone for a while. Large drop off n hair line power in the Colorado crease as bald-ass J.S. Giguere will have to man the pipes for the foreseeable future.


Thank God Gillies Is In Helsinki

By Trapp

I thank God in heaven that Trevor Gillies is playing in the Finnish SM-Liiga this season because that shit that went on at the end of the Rangers/Islanders last night, wouldn’t fly with TG. Obviously Trev dog would be on the bench chillin wit Jackie Cap and not on the ice trying to tie the game up with like 0.5 seconds left, but my God, Hagelin and Richards would be wanted men the next time these two teams meet. Imagine this staring at you dead in the eyes:

The video is called the most intense 8 seconds ever.