NHL Approves Hybrid Icing

By Trapp

Haven’t checked out the twit show and when I see my swen deef all I see is hybrid icing blowin up.


I don’t like it. It sucks seein players injured in the foot race to the puck on a delayed icing call but with that being said I hope the officials get this call right especially in Montreal. Probably won’t happen there because it’s Montreal. I don’t know there are alot of things that are taking place now in the game that I just shake my head at. I still think the puck over the glass is the dumbest rule; unless my team scores a powerplay goal with the ensuing man advantage. I think it’s complete crap now that you are given a delay of game for having your jersey tucked in as well as being given an extra two minutes for fighting without a helmet on. Let them fight. They are fighting at their own tisk. I don’t think fighting should ever be taken out of the game and I guarantee in the next ten years fighting wont exist in the NHL.

Eventually we are gonna see one of these weak penalties dictate a game or even a team’s season. When’s Bettman have advertisements be put on team’s sweaters?

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