Did This When I Woke Up This Morning Remembering That Tonight Is The Night

By Trapp

RANGERS VS DEVILS at MSG WEST. The Devils and Rangers will both be playing their first preseason games and as a Ranger fan I couldn’t be happier it’s the Devils. Any time these two teams meet no matter what, it’s an awesome game, even if it’s pre season.


I was at this game…Rangers won

The game where I thought Matt Gilroy wasn’t useless…That changed

Be nice to still have ‘Rik

Although this next video isn’t pre season footage, it’s still one of the greatest things I’ve seen to start in the opening seconds of a hockey game.

Doud’s goin to the game tonight with our buddy ScarJar. Puckdrop will be at 7:00PM tonight EST at ‘The Rock’ in Newark. You couldn’t pay me to go there. Should be an exciting game for both teams. Alain Vigneault’s first game as a the Ranger’s coach tonight and it is Corey Schneider’s first game as the Devil’s goaltender tonight. Even though I love watching Jagr play, I’m glad he’s not in the ‘nup tonight because it straight up it kills me that he’s wearing the Devil’s colors in his most likely final season, but that’s a different story for some other time. Enjoy the game and GET IT.

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