Minnesota Wild D Man Clayton Stoner Beheads a Bear.



By The Beacon


The title gives it all away. Read the article if you’d like. Basically this guy went on a bear hunt and ripped the damn bear’s head off. Probably with his bare hands. Now he is getting all kinds of shit for it from pussies. Listen, the guy likes to hunt. He went out into the wilderness and ripped this bear’s head off. He is doing a service to the nation. Maybe even the world.

So there you have it, world. Dude is basically saving hot chicks with big titties during their periods and showing the rest of the bear community they should fear humans.

By the way. I moved out and had a house warming party. Doud showed up. Trapp didn’t. You can go fuck yourself Trapp. Get touched by Zach Braff.

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