NHL Approves Hybrid Icing

By Trapp

Haven’t checked out the twit show and when I see my swen deef all I see is hybrid icing blowin up.


I don’t like it. It sucks seein players injured in the foot race to the puck on a delayed icing call but with that being said I hope the officials get this call right especially in Montreal. Probably won’t happen there because it’s Montreal. I don’t know there are alot of things that are taking place now in the game that I just shake my head at. I still think the puck over the glass is the dumbest rule; unless my team scores a powerplay goal with the ensuing man advantage. I think it’s complete crap now that you are given a delay of game for having your jersey tucked in as well as being given an extra two minutes for fighting without a helmet on. Let them fight. They are fighting at their own tisk. I don’t think fighting should ever be taken out of the game and I guarantee in the next ten years fighting wont exist in the NHL.

Eventually we are gonna see one of these weak penalties dictate a game or even a team’s season. When’s Bettman have advertisements be put on team’s sweaters?


Derek Stepan Visits His Family After Big PayDay

By Trapp


Derek gets his money from the Rangers, goes on a bonito fish run with Mark Cuban. Everyone’s happy.

Grabovski Refers To Ex Teammate As A ‘Musketeer’

By Trapp


Yeah a musketeer who sucks at being a musketeer. Kessel would be the weakest musketeer of all time. If Kessel was a musketeer and they made costumes that portrayed Kessel and they were sold at like Party City, they wouldn’t sell. Even a six year old would realize that Kessel would be a terrible musketeer. Chuck Sheen was a bad ass Musketeer from the 1993 film “The Three Musketeers”.



Also, I love Grabovski’s closing remarks:

“I don’t care about that team. Who cares? My team is here.”





By Trapp


As we all know Derek Stepan and the New York Rangers have reached a deal after a too long of a stalemate. Drove me crazy because the Rangers needed this guy in camp since day one, but whatever it’s over and done with. Right now I’m gonna give you the scenario in how the deal probably went down.


Glen was sick and tired of Derek partying too hard and chillin with multiple chicks on the reg not focusing on the hockey. Derek was spendin too much time listenin to his agent and not himself. You don’t need ears to listen to yourself Derek. So Glen got fed up, went to Derek’s house with a contract and Glen’s word that he’ll sign him to a long term extension during the season. This is a re enactment of Glen goin to Derek’s house to get the deal done:

Obviously that’s a clip from the 1987 classic SciFi film ‘RoboCop’. It would be borderline outrageous if that’s what happened though. Tonight the Rangers face off against Torts and the VanCity ‘Nucks. We’ll see what distasteful words John has to say in his pre and post game interviews. Cheers.620-torts-media-thumb-620xauto-301125


By Trapp


Everyone is as surprised as I am that it’s taking this long for Derek Stepan to sign a contract. Me and Doud have spoken about it often and the point that he made that nobody else in the world has thought about is that he’ll be signed at the end of camp. Seems that that will be the case as we approach the Octoer 1st season opener for the NHL. Same shit happened with Penalty Kill (PK) Subban; Montreal stood firm as fuck with their 2 year bridge deal and what do you know the guy got his big payday extension durin the season last year. Subban also had the best year of his career in 2012-2013.

Nobody should panic yet, Sather said some pretty righteous things during the Edmonton intermission the other night and we all Derek heard it. It’s only a matter of time til we see Derek’s name in the headlines that he’s reached a new deal with the Rangers. Until then….