Canada Is Cool Besides Hockey

By Trapp


Besides producing some of the best hockey players the NHL has ever seen it has produced some remarkable musicians and bands. But the one group/musician I want to mention is Dallas Green the singer songwriter/guitar player of his group City and Colour. This guy is the face of the band and was the lead guitar/singer of Canadian rock band Alexisonfire. His solo career has found more success for sure than what he was achieving in Alexis but still this guys got a voice bro. Doud thinks he’s got lucious pipes but Dallas Green smokes Doud. Green is from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Some notable people that contribute to the game hockey that have from there is Buffalo Sabres legend announcer Rick Jeanneret, Stan Mikita although born in Slovakia he was raised in St. Catharines, Stanley Cup Champion Brian Bellows. Kevin Stevens is 8000% still talkin shit about him.

Here is one of Dallas Green’s tracks from his group City and Colour:

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