Things That Happened When We Were Basically Vacationing n Shit.

By Doud

Yea so we haven’t posted as much lately since we’ve been busy livin the life. Deal with it. Trapp’s dumb ass is still doin stuff but he’s on the other side of the damn continent in portLAND playin arcade games or some shit. Not much happened but let’s recap:
25th anniversary of the Gretzky sale/trade to LA was last Friday. TSN and the NHL network had a ton of shit to fill their airtime with that in a dead early August.
Doug Gilmour, GM of the OHL’s Kingston Frontenacs, traded his own goddamn son to Niagara Ice Dogs. Good chances hes not gettin a Fathers day gift next year.
This idiot fuckin kid who happens to be named Patrick Sharp started a white pride group at some school he goes to in like Arkansas where theres a lotta black people. He may be dead now we’re not too sure.

Thats basically it. Only like a month til training camps open.

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