Nik Zherdev Just CRUSHING Summer.

By Doud

-Winnipeg Sun: Apparently Nikolai Zherdev partied a little too hard after signing a new KHL contract last week.

The 28-year-old former NHLer, picked up on a one-year deal by HC Lev Praha, celebrated at the Barvikha Luxury Village hotel in Moscow where things turned violent, according to

Zherdev got into a bar brawl and crashed his $300,000 Bentley, which was also vandalized by locals who were outraged with his behaviour. Repairs to the vehicle will cost $30,000.

Hotel staff also claimed he spent nights with various women. Eugenia, his wife, told that after a string of embarrassing events she will file for divorce in the near future.

THATS how you Russia. Hell, thats basically textbook how you America. Sign new deal, get fucked up. Sometimes you just gotta brawl with the locals, that’s part of the game. Gotta love them just kickin a dude when he’s down tho and straight up graffiti-ing the dope Bently post crash.
Worst part of the story though is Mrs Zherdev filing for divorce. Fuckin chicks huh? Dude signs a new deal, has ONE little bad week, you wouldda thought he started World War 9. Whatever I’m sure the chicks Nik pulled were better anyway:

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