Why’s Joey Gladstone Goin After My Girl

By Trapp


Let’s set the record straight. She locked eyes wit me at the garden the same night I witnessed a guy get completely launched. She stared me up and down and didn’t look at Doud. Furthermore, Gladstone better chill. She’s mine; not Gladstone’s or Doud’s. Not thrilled she retweeted his post but I’ll handle it.


Vince Vaughn Gettin Wild With Duncan Keith And Some Other Guy

By Trapp


I need to seriously be involved with some organization that wins the Stanley Cup. It’s just a nonstop party all summer with Stan. Every night going out with your teammates and just having a great time with the best in the business. It could literally be that no one cared who were you until you won the cup and that’s ok. Vince Vaughn’s shirt is straight up drenched in beer.

G Units Newest Member Needs Some Work

By Trapp


Hockey Hall of Famer Mike Modano went on 105.3 FM The Fan in Dallas and he rapped 50 Cent’s classic song “In Da Club”. It was a segment called Yo! Roger Raps! Mike comes in spittin at 1:30 of the video. I feel like if Curtis heard this rendition of the track he’d pull Mike to the side and tell him he really needs to work of his delivery. Mike can dish it out on the ice but I don’t know about in the vocal booth.

While we’re on the subject, I really wanna hear Mike lay down some vocals for this track; especially ODB’s part…

Straight Fire: Russian Olympic Jerseys

by Doud

So apparently it seems like I’m the only one who likes the USA Unis unveiled the other day which means I’m the only one around here with any kinda style sense. Well if you hated those then the threads that host country Russia will don this winter will make you wanna murder babies, at least their white set will anyway.

Subtly yet not so subtly the Siberian sweaters are laden with their overt intentios of capturing gold a 9th time in front of their home crowd; the whites display their 8 Gold Medals down the right sleeve while the reds display the russian flag trimmed in gold as it’s sleeve stripes along with said 8 gold medals on the shoulder yokes. Everyone’s gonna cringe when the rock the whites but here’s why it’s sick: the entire white of the sweater (body and arms) is a silhouette (big word for you beauts I know) of their 2 headed eagle national crest. Creative and distinct yet simple and stylish for a 2 week tournament that happens once every 4 years. Dope city. Well done Nike, I approve.

Whatever you feel about the unis worn by each country, theres no question the ugliest thng in the tournament will be Phil Kessel..