Doud’s Friend Has A Rich Pilon Ranger’s Jersey

By Trapp

2000-2001 was a pretty sweet year for the NHL from what I remember. The Flyers thought they solved their goaltending situation 13 years ago with Roman Cechmanek. Yeah no. Messier was back on the Rangers which was awesome. Jagr cut his hair. Lemieux came back to the show. Ray Bourque won the cup with his All-Star team in the Avalanche:

Joe Sakic, Peter Forsberg, Rob Blake Patrick Roy, Milan Hejduk, Alex Tanguay, Chris Drury, Adam Foote, Dave Reid. Last one’s a joke but Reider rules.

Theo Fleury was like leadin the league in multiple categories then he had to check into the Substance Abuse Program which ruined my life as a 12 year old Ranger fan. Ummm and this:

Rich Pilon went after Jagr. What are you doin Pilon why did you ever lace up the skates and think playing hockey was ever a good idea.

Pretty funny to see that Straka was jumpin in there for Jags, shit man, Straka has always Jagr’s back.

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