By Trapp

EA Sports is comin out with NHL ’14 with Fatso on the fuckin cover. I’m not even gonna go further into that besides this:

Anyway, each year EA looks to make their games sicker than fuck and they do. They added the Winter Classic in their games, you legit play at the outdoor venue for whatever said teams played in the classic. This time around they are putting NHL 94 mode into their game to commemorate the iconic legendary game that I’m pretty sure every kid owned.

Me and my older brother played this game all day and night. It inspired the Kamloops Blazers to do this.

I mean come on. Really. That is just flat out remarkable, it really is. But what else this game did was even better than a team doin the celebrations, it had Vince Vaughn and Jon Favre make one of the best scenes in film history:

“It’s not even so much me as it’s Roenick, he’s good.”

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