By Trapp

Anyone who has the NHL Network aka chell net, we all know they show some really really mediocre, nearly unwatchable awful commercials basically 24/7. I feel like that shit gets worse as the night goes on especially from like 10pm-5am. That’s a large span of really bad commercials.

I’d like to now share a few of the real slobber knockers here with you guys:

At number 4 we have the Hair Club Commercial. It’s simple: if you’re out of shape you’re bald; you get hair, you’re then in athletic shape and you’re in bed with two women. Best part happens 2:00

At number 3 we have Criss Angel’s Magic Kit Commercial. This is the kit that will for sure turn you into a sorcerer and it comes with a shit ton of instructions and videos on to perform the best tricks and also to levitate. I forgot that these were all the things that I wake up and strive to do. Just watch this.

The best trick might be the guy performing the ‘Rising Ring’. Definitely the perfect ice breaker bro.

At number 2 we have the HD Aviator Glasses Commercial. In this it feature a similar rendition to the beginning of the Top Gun. Also, this commercial may or may not feature OJ Simpson at 49 seconds…

And without further adieu we have number 1….

You might recognize the first five seconds of this if you are a frequent NHL network viewer. You also might recognize the other part that’s featured in this short video if you are Dyan Roud and rent films from 1981…or Scanners

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