Tony Amonte Gets His


By Trapp

Hossa: ‘I don’t really care what Tony Amonte says’

Tony nobody cares what you have to say.

Fat Amonte took a few shots at Hossa sayin his he doesn’t have the highest threshold for pain, it wasn’t right for the team not to come out with the injury and to keep it so secretive.

“Always hurt, he’s injured, he’s in, he’s out of the lineup. Just not a guy that plays through injury,” Amonte said Monday night. “At this point of the season, those are the guys you need.”

“Why couldn’t he have played 10 minutes last game? Why couldn’t he help the Chicago Blackhawks out on the power play?” Amonte said Wednesday on “Postgame Live.”

Yo Tony shut the fuck up bro, this is the yugs fourth appearance to the finals and already has a cup. You don’t have anything. You got traded the year the Rangers won the cup how does that make you feel?

Hossa played last night: played more than 19 minutes on the ice, got a helper on Sharpy’s goal and he had four shots on net.

With that being said….

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