NJ High School Sports suffering from Vaginosis

By The Beacon

Read this article.


IS THIS SHIT FOR FUCKING REAL?!?!?! You can’t call some kid who avoids checks all game a pussy in a hockey game now? You can’t tell an outfielder he plays ball like a girl? You can’t tell the linebacker you’re gonna fuck his sister? You cant tell a soccer player on the other team that he…wait…soccer players are all gay so who cares. God damn fairies diving all over the place like some sniper shot their head or leg off.

This is by far the most embarrassing thing I have ever read. I referee high school hockey. Those kids are already pussies. Complaining to me about the other team hooking them, or having their hands come up too high hitting them in the head. Shut up kid. Skate faster and drop your shoulder into the kid. Hit him clean and hard.

Now I am going to have to deal with coaches and players.
“That guy called me a fag!”
“That player called me a pussy!”
“That player said he would bang my mom again!” 

And I am going to be obligated to call a penalty or write a report? Yeah. Okay NJ. Eat shit.

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