Tony Amonte is Fat Now.


By Doud

So Amonte did a segment for Sportsnet (link above) where he goes around Chicago in one of the Blackhawks stores basically to see if anyone recognized him. Bro what are you like 400? 500 pounds now? Remember when you could do this:

No shit nobody could recognize you. The vid in that Comcast link opens with the host clearly alluding to Tony’s weight and even stumbles on his words and says “eat” instead of “easily” right after he introduces him as “pretty big star here in Chicago.” One dude legit said right in Tony’s face ALEX ZHAMNOV as fav player from the 90s. WHO THE HELL’S FAVORITE PLAYER IS FUCKIN ALEX ZHAMNOV.
Used to be one of the fastest players in the game and one of America’s greats and now nobody recognizes you.

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