Best Commercial of the Stanley Cup FInals: Camel.

by Doud

Guess what day it is!!!!!!!!! GUESS. WHAT. DAY. IT. IS.
Since today’s Wednesday this is gettin blogged about: Geico’s hump day/camel commercial is straight FIRE. Dude you’re a fuckin CAMEL. I wanna tell you to relax but i can’t because its genius. MIKEMIKEMIKEMIKEMIKE. Well played Geico, well played. Only thing better than this is the Dikembe Mutumbo version when he blocks that cereal right in the little Asian kid’s face. Gold.

P.S. Who’s the asshole that decided to spell the word ‘Wednesday.’ There’s no reason for that fuckin ‘d’ to be in the middle there. Nobody on this planet pronounces it WED NES DAY. Is Chris Doud gonna hafta choke Webster? Clean it up.

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