Andrew Shaw LOVES Shin Pads



By Trapp

Last night was such an amazing Game 1. We had hits, goals, saves especially the Danny Glover that Corey Crawford had on Marchand.

Game started a little after 8. I saw ‘This Is The End’ at 11:30…game ended at like 1 friggin AM bro. Kept checkin my phone for updates during the movie: OT, Headin to Dub OT, then Trip T’s. SHeeeeeeeeeeit. I get home, catch a little Chell Network with Kat Tap, Doug LB, Panger, Weeksey the whole gang is there. And then this happened…..

Andrew Shaw LOVES Shin Pads. Thank God he wore em last night bro.

I gotta tell you the last 24 hours have been really exciting.

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