This Guy’s 41

By Trapp

Sidney Crosby

Turn around Sindy.

That guy is 41 years, and is still making moves. He and his dudes made a mockery of you and your team, the same organization that he won back to back cups with. But those cups go way back.

Pittsburgh Penguins 1991 Stanley Cup Champs
Pittsburgh Penguins 1992 Stanley Cup Champs

Those were the last two times Jags has had a chance to compete for the cup. Nobody expected this guy to come back to the NHL after he fled to Russia from New York like Kurt Russel. But the legend’s back and he still got it. I think I said during every Bruin game watched this postseason at least four times a game: “I can’t believe I’m watching Jagr.” And I don’t mean that in a negative way whatsoever. He’s back in the show and is proving to Petey C and Claude that picking him up at the deadline was a good move. Jags is chasing his third cup on a very very solid team. He is still one of my favorite players even though he is trying to upstage Liev Schreiber with the Sabertooth look….


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