By Trapp

Just gonna cut right to it. Hossa had a legit bomb last night, a straight up cannon and it just made Quick look even sillier than he possibly could’ve looked already after Big Bick’s goal. But that’s whatever it’s beyond me.

Marian Hossa is not afraid to unleash some serious fire when he winds up for those clappers. He’s been notorious throughout his career using his big body and speed and has been a dominant one on one player. The guy is gettin older for sure and he’s been diggin deep into his repertoire for a shit ton of new tricks to make opposing teams look stupid. Observe:

Bomb 1:

Bomb 2:

Bomb 3:

Bomb 4:

Bomb 5:

Last night’s Game Winning Goal. Straight up snipe bomb. Lord.

Are you kidding with that shot? He straight up yells over to Handzus before the pass, “AYOO MIKE IMMA PLAY THREE BAR, DISH IT!” A play like that can just stun a team, I think Penner’s bad reaction to Pancakes might’ve tweaked his back again IMMEDIATELY from the ferocity in that shot.

Sorry Taylor Stevens and the rest of the Los Angeles Kings but ChiTown will win at the Madhouse on Madison for game 5.


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