Secondary Scoring: Shit Every Team Wants

By Trapp

Every year around this time we are all reminded that having four lines rollin and chippin in is so goddamn important. Boston and Chicago are two prime examples and are my picks for an Original Six Stanley Cup match up.

Boston’s fourth line in Paille, Campbell and Big Dog Thornton, outplayed the Christ out of the Rangers in the second round. The Bruins’ fourth line created the opportunities that lead to the two goals to drive the B’s to a 2-1 win over New York in game 3 at the ‘den.

Speaking of which, Boston lost Campbell last night to a broken leg. Blocked a bomb of a shot from Geno and Soupy showed some courageous shit by staying out there and still gettin in the lanes.

So that’s a big fuckin loss going forward.

Let’s switch this shit up: JQ over in ChiTown has four lines with depth scoring. You’re gonna get your points from Toews, Patty Kane, Hossa, Sharp etc, but when Bryan Bickell and Shaw are getting your game winners, that is huge. Bickell is really starting to emerge. For a big guy he can skate and he can do shit with that puck. JQ now has Big Bick playin with Hoss and Toews and Bickell immediately gets shit done.

Remember a big yug by the name of Byfuglien, who became a wanted man by Canucks fans in that Semi Finals series in 2010. He dominated that series by being physical and adding some g notes.

Byfuglien’s celly on his second goal is so fuckin incredible.

He also man handled Chris Pronger.

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