Tonight Should Be Interesting


By Trapp

Game 3 tonight in Boston. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I’ve been waiting anxiously for this game ever since game 2. It’s fuckin great to see the Penguins lose in such fashion.

Vokoun let up a goal every 4 shots and it was remarkable. 12 shots 3 goals. Yeah good job bro. You got Danny B on the bench probably shittin his pants as he comes to a realization that it could be 18-0 at the end of the first. He makes the bold move and brings in Fleury who hadn’t played since the Islander series. It just gets better and better.

Marchand made Fleury look dumb on the first shot that he faced. Have a look.

Good Lord what a shot. This chick loves it too.

Brad Marchand

I guess Fleury’s stellar return didn’t merit him the starting position tonight. Tommy Voks got the OK from Danny B and is in between the pipes tonight. The Tom Doud Bank Garden is not an easy building to play in soooooo if the B’s go up 3-0 after tonight this shit’s over. And in no way is that depressing.


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