Any Panther That’s In Florida: Look Out, Teammates Too


By Trapp

Myself and Doud are twitter users. We follow friends, family, athletes, whatever. Saw a post from Gaborik to follow Tomas Kopecky so I’m like, alight cool. Started following Tommy, traveled deep into his picture archive and stumbled upon this amazing photograph.

I GET IT it’s the offseason for him he’s doin activities on the reg more often than so during the season. I mean for friggin Chara climbed ‘manjaro. Must be that Slovak blood in them for doing these things off the cusp and what also seems incredibly dangerous. In this picture, Tom’s huntin. Never would’ve thought of this guy to be a hunter, I don’t know, I don’t look at someone and say ‘Yeah he hunts in the off season.’

My first thought when I saw him holding this now carcass is that, “He’s 8000% holding a panther.” I look at the caption that happens to be directed towards a teammate and a fellow Stanley Cup champion in ChiTown, Brian Campbell. He’s straight up giving Soupy a warning: “U are next!!!!!!” It’s written so matter of fact, it’s remarkable. The irony in all of this is that these yugs play for the Florida Panthers.

Scratch the actual animal off the list, he’s now moving onto Brian Campbell and potentially the team mascot…

Just speculation.

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