This Is Precisely How Vinny Lecavalier Should Handle Every Team That Shows Interest In Him Now That He’s A Yubout

by Trapp

Pretty cut and dry. You scored 40 g-notes more than once, scored 50 g-notes in 05-06. Oh yeah you were a number one overall pick and also a Stanley Cup winner. If a shit ton of teams pursue you bro, you got that pedigree Vinny, make em sweat, make em wait, and make sure you let them know that you 1000% have a matinee for Les Mis and that you’ll call them.


NHL Lookalikes

NHL Lookalikes

Dan Girardi/Henry Cavill (Kal-El)

THroughout this entire movie I was thinking that Dan Girardi was fucking superman. Dudes look just like each other….just Girardi is Canadian and Kal-El is from Krypton and shit.

Go see this movie.

And It’s The Choice Of A New Generation

By Trapp

Have a look-see at just a few of the names among the 2013 UFAs.
ufa 2013

Bryz is bought out. Mumbling of Danny Briere gettin bought out too. It’s gonna be interesting to see what other teams are gonna exercise that amnestyville horror shit this summer. The draft should be sweet. UFA July 5th should be sweet. Wish it was on July 4th just so I can watch that and Independence Day and see Bill Pullman’s remarkable performance as the President. Here’s one of his “should’ve been nominated for an oscar scenes”:

Anyway. It would be remarkable if contract negotiations in the NHL legit took place like this:

Kronicles of Kane: ‘Pagne Poppin Nation

By Trapp


I wasn’t kiddin, we got this yug covered and were gonna keep everyone posted. Everyone needs to bask in this yugs glory because he’s gonna be snapped in some JPEGS and GIFS for the ages.

He’s a straight-up relentless individual who’s on a tear right now. I hope this guy makes it to the parade Friday.

And that’s exactly what everyone wants to do. Party.

Welcome To The Party Pal!

By Trapp

If you think we’re not gonna be continuously document the Chicago Blackhawks summer long celebration you’re dumb.

The video above is the Patty Kane and the rest of the Chicago Blackhawks at the Rockit on Hubbard in Chicago poppin ‘pagne bottles in pure fashion and shootin that ‘pagne on the people outside. ALOT OF P’s IN THAT SENTENCE.


Like I said, we’re gonna continue highlighting the Hawks celebration and I’m gonna preface by saying it’s probably gonna be a real majestic summer for those yugs. This is just the beginning…