The Six Saddest Things About Martin Brodeur’s Biggest Twitter Fan taken from Deadspin


Deadspin’s Barry Petchesk wrote the following article. It is hilarious and also really sad.

“As they do each year, EA Sports are conducting a fan vote to select the cover player for NHL 14. It’s come down to Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, probably in line for the Vezina, and Devils legend Marty Brodeur. Fans can vote on Twitter with a specific hashtag. Sometimes this goes very wrong.

Dave Lozo brought him to our attention, and we want to bring him to yours: @broduer669, was all over the cover vote. But it wasn’t smooth sailing. Counting down, the six saddest things about Poworski’s one-man push to get Martin Brodeur on the cover of a video game.

6. He created his Twitter account solely to vote for Brodeur.

5. His very first tweet was to Brodeur, asking him how to vote.

4. That tweet was sent to a fake Martin Brodeur account. 

3. He voted for Brodeur 248 times, one right after the other, for more than two hours.

2. He sequentially numbered each tweet.

1. Each and every tweet spelled “Broduer” wrong, meaning not a single one of his votes counted.”

Read entire article here:

By: Connie

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