Tortorella and the Rangers: Separate Ways
(follow above link for Glen Sather’s confrence call from yesterday)

by Doud

Listen anyone that knows me knows I’ve been saying all through the playoffs LAST YEAR when they were charging through the east that their offensive philosophy needed to change before they go out and acquire, say, Rick Nash to add to their goal production. Everything was to the outside, no weaving into high percentage areas, no cycling, no pucks filtered to the net, nobody crashing the crease/causing havoc for opposing net minders. Having said that, I believed then and through the end of this season that Johnny Torts was more of the solution to the end game of winning the Cup as opposed to the detractor.

More than likely him and Glen sat down to discuss how they’re gonna change the game plan and Johnny stood pat, probably also backed Rad Brichards wanting to keep him and shit blew up leading to the eventual outcome of him being out on his ass. Also turns out he lost the room like a month into this season and dudes just got sick of him, and various players in exit interviews alluded to such. Through this season i lessened my stance on supporting him since the offense hadn’t changed and you know Torts was the catalyst for the Gaborik trade which, despite the immediate dividends it paid, will bite them in the ass this year when you KNOW ‘rik is good for 40+ g-notes playin out his last year on his contract and IN OUR OWN GODDAMN DIVISION NO LESS (thanks re-alignment). The whole point in having Nash is that you also had ‘rik; two 40 goal guys on separate lines that teams can’t match up against.

Glen’s FIFTH HEAD COACHING HIRE (smh) in his tenure absolutely needs to be a dude with championship pedigree that will open up the offense and have the respect of his players. Hank needs run support and a new max deal. Oh yea and a Cup. no go out there and GET IT.

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