This Cutout plays better than the Rangers.

This Cutout plays better than the Rangers.

The New York Rangers have made my life miserable ever since that god forsaken lockout ended. It doesn’t help when a majority of hockey analysts pick the Rangers as Stanley Cup champions for the 2013 season thus putting a target on their back. But for christ’s sake you would think they have some sort of decent hockey playing ability.

Since the season started, I have been wasting life away in a cubicle, reading updates day after day about what the rangers are doing to improve. And each day I read with hope that the rangers would somehow pull their heads out of their asses.

Fast forward to today. Probably the most brutal day imaginable as I have Devil fans who know jack shit about hockey asking me how I feel about the Rangers around the office. Pretty sure the look on my face says it all you twats. All I want to do is go from 8:30AM to 5:00PM without you trying to make conversation with me. I do work at work (stare at excel spreadsheets) and when I am not at work I am with worthwhile people who drink and play hockey.

The only things running through my mind after that game 3 disaster are as follows:

-Please get swept and put me out of my misery
-Rodney Dangerfield can coach the Ladybugs to play better hockey.
-This Ovechkin cutout plays better hockey than the rangers…..just doesn’t backcheck.

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