Podcast that was done Friday May 31, 2013.

We touch on a number of things:

Johnny Torts
YAN Burger
Cutting down trees
Tiki Bar
Washed up hockey player shots
NYR Coaching Candidates
Beer Pong Tournament June 1, 2013
Charlie and the AC trip


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The Six Saddest Things About Martin Brodeur’s Biggest Twitter Fan taken from Deadspin


Deadspin’s Barry Petchesk wrote the following article. It is hilarious and also really sad.

“As they do each year, EA Sports are conducting a fan vote to select the cover player for NHL 14. It’s come down to Columbus goalie Sergei Bobrovsky, probably in line for the Vezina, and Devils legend Marty Brodeur. Fans can vote on Twitter with a specific hashtag. Sometimes this goes very wrong.

Dave Lozo brought him to our attention, and we want to bring him to yours: @broduer669, was all over the cover vote. But it wasn’t smooth sailing. Counting down, the six saddest things about Poworski’s one-man push to get Martin Brodeur on the cover of a video game.

6. He created his Twitter account solely to vote for Brodeur.

5. His very first tweet was to Brodeur, asking him how to vote.

4. That tweet was sent to a fake Martin Brodeur account. 

3. He voted for Brodeur 248 times, one right after the other, for more than two hours.

2. He sequentially numbered each tweet.

1. Each and every tweet spelled “Broduer” wrong, meaning not a single one of his votes counted.”

Read entire article here: http://deadspin.com/the-six-saddest-things-about-martin-brodeurs-biggest-t-510645400

By: Connie

This Dog Shits On Patty Sharp’s Lawn and the Blackhawks Win.

This Dog Shits On Patty Sharp's Lawn and the Blackhawks Win.

By Doud

Uh yup don’t bother reading that headline again cuz you got it right the first time: Hawks win cuz this dog shits all over Sharpy’s lawn. All the time.

This has gotta put dog lovers in Detroit and Vancouver in a tough spot since there’s no doubt each and every one of them have already thought of murdering this Lab mix.


By Trapp

I was in the process of lookin shit up about how Aaron Ward told everyone Iginla was traded to Boston and even Peter Ciarelli was 6000% under the influence that Iginla was also on team. Anyway, I was formulating ideas about that particular post until I found this video:

I have never seen this before in my life, I don’t know why it took so long for me to see until now. But I found it, watched it, and gonna watch it again. Duthie got a little cooler in my eyes after seein this and the one cameo towards the end that solves everything is so flat out remarkable I can’t even handle it.


Francesa Has No Idea Who John Buccigross Is


By Doud

Par for the course for Mike.

The burgeoning feud between Francesa and Bucci, which started yesterday afternoon in the wake of Mike claiming he and only he broke the Tortorella story, is glorious. Yea bro John Buccigross is just a faceless nobody that happens to work for ESPN maybe in a basement somewhere. Prob just tryin to make a name for himself. No way he ever anchored Sportscenter or NHL2night. Nobody plays along with the dude’s NHL over time challenges on Twitter ever. Yea bro I’m sure you never pay attention to the world wide leader in the industry that you are employed in. All info just comes to you through osmosis.


Messier, Eakins Are Apparently Options For Some Reason





By Doud


Mark Messier and friggen DALLAS EAKINS are on the list (albeit rightfully low on said list) of potential candidates to replace John Tortorella at the helm of the Rangers bench.  I swear to Christ if either of these 2 are hired as the new Head Coach I’m fuckin out.